About Esamaad Prakashan & The Team

Esamaad Prakashan started in 2017 as the Publications Division of Esamaad Foundation, a registered organization by the Government of India, which today operates as an independent entity. The main objective of Esamaad Publication is to publish quality books on different subjects & interests. Esamaad Prakashan publishes books in Hindi, English, Maithili and other regional languages. Along with the diversity of subjects in the books of Esamaad Prakashan, there is also a common space shared between budding and established authors. Translation and reprinting set Esamaad apart from the crowd. Along with encouraging new writers, it has been our policy to give special priority to women writers. Buying a book from Esamaad Publications means that you are providing money to the publisher for another great book.

Founding Director

Mrs. Kumud SIngh

Managing Director

Mr. Sunil Kumar Jha

Creative Director

Dr. Kumar Amit


Mr. Ashish Kumar Jha